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    6 Books
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    July 2010
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    April 2023
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Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • Have you ever wondered what happens at the zoo before the gates open? Foxes who steal keys, beavers who cook chili, hyenas who play the blues…when no one is looking, anything can happen! Readers won’t believe the antics of these wacky animals, an...

  • Awards: 2015 International Literacy's Book Award - Honor Book for Primary FictionWhen Rooster leaves for a week at the beach, the other animals must pick up the slack and perform Rooster's cock-a-doodle duty - to wake Farmer McPeeper.  The animals ...

  • Norbert is a pig with a dream. It doesn't matter if the other farm animals snicker behind his back, Norbert has always dreamed of swimming the English Channel. He's been preparing and training and finally he's ready for the big swim! But where exactl...

  • These kids all love to read -- alone or together, on a bus or in a parade. And every time they open a book, they open up a whole new world, too! Learning to read is a big accomplishment, and this exuberant picture book celebrates reading in its ...

  • Taking your monster on a road trip this summer? Or letting your favorite beast tag along on a family beach vacation? Wherever you and your monster are traveling, Travel Guide for Monsters is full of essential tips to help you both enjoy the sights fr...

  • Wrangling your monster to a rodeo? Or sharing the stands with him at a hockey game? Buckle up for another cross country trip with your favorite monster—from British Columbia to Newfoundland and all the Canada in between! Wherever you and your mo...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lori Degman has published 6 books.

Lori Degman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Canada, was published in April 2023.

The first book by Lori Degman, 1 Zany Zoo, was published in July 2010.

No. Lori Degman does not write books in series.