The Blue Moon



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While cleaning her office at the Sparrow Island Nature Conservatory, Abigail Stanton discovers a stunning blue diamond necklace hidden in her desk. Who could have hidden it there and why? Abby finds out that the jewel may be the famous Blue Moon diamond, and legend has it that anyone possessing this gem is doomed. Despite Abby`s attempts to keep the discovery quiet, the whole island is talking about it. Claims from “ owners” are flying in. Thugs threaten Abby. And the service dog belonging to Abby`s wheelchair-bound sister, Mary, is kidnapped. Soon, Abby begins to wonder if there is any truth to the legend of the Blue Moon. Can she find the real owner before it`s too late? Readers will delight in joining up with Abby on another adventure that will keep them guessing to the last page!
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