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  • Drew McCormack, president of the co-op board is determined to stop his daughter's joining the all-male Patrician Club, while tennants try to force a doctor treating AIDS patients to leave the building...

  • When J.B. Grandin, biographer of the late Madison Flagg, comes upon the writer's diaries, he becomes a target for a number of influential and wealthy people whose reputations will be ruined if the material is made public...

  • After billionaire recluse Bradford Bryce is accused of drug dealing, and wealthy socialite Dorothy Landower jumps to her death from her fifteenth story window, the residents of Manhattan's most exclusive address are in an uproar...

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    The murder of nineteen-year-old Didi Landower focuses media attention on 777 Park Avenue, a prestigious Manhattan co-op, and the criminal investigation exposes some unsavory truths about some of the wealthy residents' sons and daughters, including Ma...

Complete Series List in Order

Park Avenue

1) Privileges (Apr-1987)
2) Secrets (Jun-1987)
3) Suspicion (1987)
4) Deception (Oct-1987)
5) Victims (Jan-1988)
6) Titans (Feb-1988)

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