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    April 2007
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    October 2010
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  • When Lily's internship at the Museum of Modern Art falls through, she thinks her summer is ruined. Then her dad hooks her up with a oncein- a-lifetime chance to intern for Sabrina Snow--sixteen-year-old Hollywood starlet and the girl of the moment. F...

  • When Maggie starts her senior year of high school at ritzy all-girls Berkley Prep, she hopes to make a few new friends and reinvent herself as a popular girl. Then she's tapped to become a member of the most powerful clique at Berkley, the Revelers. ...

  • When Holly's mother dies unexpectedly, she thinks things can't get much worse. But then her dad starts dating again. And his new girlfriend is Holly's aunt -- her mom's sister! Aunt Claudia is known in Hollywood as the Queen of B Movies. Horror films...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lizabeth Zindel has published 3 books.

Lizabeth Zindel does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Girl, a Ghost, and the Hollywood Hills, was published in October 2010.

The first book by Lizabeth Zindel, Girl of the Moment, was published in April 2007.

No. Lizabeth Zindel does not write books in series.