Devil's Corner by Lisa Scottoline
When prosecutor Vicki Allegretti arrives at a rowhouse to meet a confidential informant, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time -- and is almost shot to death. She barely escapes with her life, but cannot save the two others gunned down before her disbelieving eyes. Stunned and heartbroken, Vicki tries to figure out how a routine meeting on a minor case became a double homicide.

Vicki's suspicions take her to Devil's Corner, a city neighborhood teetering on the brink of ruin -- thick with broken souls, innocent youth, and a scourge that preys on both. But the deeper Vicki probes, the more she becomes convinced that the murders weren't random and the killers were more ruthless than she thought.

When another murder thrusts Vicki together with an unlikely ally, she buckles up for a wild ride down a dangerous street -- and into the cross-hairs of a conspiracy as powerful as it is relentless.
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    Jun-2005 (Hardcover)
    Mar-2006 (Paperback)
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Vicki Allegretti, Asst. D.A. goes to the home of a confidential confidential informant. She runs into two men who have just murdered the informant. Vicki narrowly escapes but her fellow officer is killed.

Reheema BRistow is the person the CI claimed to have evidence about and she is freed after the CI is murdered.

Vicki goes to Reheema's home, thinking she might get other evidence against her. She finds Reheema's mother is a crack addict and something happens to make Vicki think differently about Reheema.

When something happens to Reheema's mother, Vicki and Reheema decide to work together to attempt to find the murderers.

If the reader can suspend their sense of logic, this is a fun read. However, Vicki, a Harvard educated attorney reminds me of Reece Witherspoon, of "Legally Blond" and wonder how Vicki could survive in the rough inner city environment.

Scottoline did a professional job creating the suspense and maintaining it for the reader. She profides an interesting plot twist that added to the story. Enjoyable read.
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