Painting Pepette by Linda Ravin Lodding
Join one little girl namedJosette as she searches 1920s Paris to find the best artist to paint a portrait of her stuffed-animal rabbit, Pepette.
After seeing all the fine portraits of her family in her house in Paris, Josette decides that her stuffed-animalrabbit Pepette needs a portrait of her own. The two of them set off for Montmartre, the art centerof 1920s Paris, to seek out an artist to paint Pepette s portrait. They encounter Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, and Henri Matisse, who all try their hand at capturing the rabbit.
Picasso gives Pepette two noses and three ears which doesn t sit well with Josette.Daligives Pepette very droopy eyes so Josette says "no thank you"and moves on.Chagall paints Pepette flying through the clouds. Josette points out that Pepette doesn t fly and is afraid of heights so they decide to keep going through the square. When they meetMatisse, hepaints Pepette pink, with lots of colorful dots and splashes covering the canvas. It s a beautiful piece of art, but it s not Pepette.
Giving up, Josette and Pepette make their way home. Josette is upset that no one was able to no one was able to capture the true essence of Pepette. Who could capture her soft gray ears, her heart-shaped nose, and all her wonderfulness?And then it comes to her she, Josette, is the perfect person to do this."
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    Jun-2016 (Hardcover)
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