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    September 1991
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    March 2015
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  • Sundara fled Cambodia with her aunt's family to escape the Khmer Rouge army when she was thirteen, leaving behind her parents, her brother and sister, and the boy she had loved since she was a child.Now, four years later, she struggles to fit in at h...

  • Since "ORDINARY MIRACLES" was first published in 1993, the range of treatments for combating infertility has expanded dramatically, but a generation of women having postponed childbearing has only added to the numbers of those in desperate need of...

  • "Set in the Oregon woods of 1933, this swift paced novel gives us a young girl living a life she loves in a remote logging camp...When the fabled Tillamook Burn begins with a small blaze in Gales Creek Canyon, we feel the danger, care about the peopl...

  • Outspoken individualist Kathy is out of step with most girls at her Oregon high school. What's Kathy doing stuck in her small town when so much is happening in the world--Vietnam protests, civil rights battles, free love, kids running away to be hipp...

  • How could such a thing happen in Corvallis, of all places?....As if nine Christian churches must certainly be enough to save a mere two thousand souls from such doings. As if tidy picked fences alone could keep the female population contentedly at h...

  • Life at Robby Hummer's house is wild, fun, and a big mess since his twin brother and sister were born. At school, he'd rather read quietly than play games at recess of watch a filmstrip. But his teacher thinks he reads too much and sends him to Mrs. ...

  • Seventeen-year-old Lovisa King leaves Missouri for the Oregon Territory in 1845. A Heart for Any Fate, based on the history of a company of real pioneers, tells the story of the King family, whose careful plans are challenged by the harsh, unfores...

  • Twelve-year-old Shelby has always looked forward to vacations at the family's beach cabin on the Oregon coast, but this year, everything's different. Everything's wrong. Why do so many things have to be changing all at once?

    "With insight and sen...

  • When a Mafiosi comes to town, it gives him a chance to make a killing at the racetrack.  He needs to draw in others, and they have to have more to lose than he does. Danny, the jockey, already has had one questionable race from his past. Charlie, th...

Award-Winning Books by Linda Crew

A Heart for Any Fate
2005 Oregon Book Award -- Young Adult

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Linda Crew has published 10 books.

Linda Crew does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, When Angels Tumble, was published in March 2015.

The first book by Linda Crew, Children of the River, was published in September 1991.

No. Linda Crew does not write books in series.