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    34 Books (1 Series)
  • First Book:
    January 1972
  • Latest Book:
    March 1991
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Full Series List in Order

Luke Sutton

Luke Sutton, Outlaw (May-1981)
Luke Sutton, Indian Fighter (Jan-1982)
Luke Sutton, Avenger (Jan-1983)
Luke Sutton, Gunfighter (May-1983)
Luke Sutton, Outrider (Jan-1984)
Luke Sutton, Bounty Hunter (Oct-1985)
Luke Sutton, Hired Gun (Aug-1987)
Luke Sutton, Mustanger (Dec-1988)
Luke Sutton, Lawman (Mar-1989)

Multi-Author Series List


1 - Cimarron and the Hanging Judge (Feb-1983)
2 - Cimarron Rides the Outlaw Trail (Feb-1983)
3 - Cimarron and the Border Bandits (Apr-1983)
4 - Cimarron in the Cherokee Strip (Jun-1983)
5 - Cimarron and the Elk Soldiers (Sep-1983)
6 - Cimarron and the Bounty Hunters (Nov-1983)
7 - Cimarron and the High Rider (Jan-1984)
8 - Cimarron in No Man's Land (Mar-1984)
9 - Cimarron and the Vigilantes (May-1984)
10 - Cimarron and the Medicine Wolves (Jul-1984)
11 - Cimarron on Hells Highway (Sep-1984)
12 - Cimarron and the War Women (Nov-1984)
13 - Cimarron and the Bootleggers (Jan-1985)
16 - Cimarron and the Scalp Hunters (Jul-1985)
18 - Cimarron and the Gunhawk's Gold (Nov-1985)
20 - Cimarron and the Red Earth People (Mar-1986)
21 - Cimarron and the Manhunters (May-1986)
22 - Cimarron and the Hired Guns (Jul-1986)

Book List in Order: 34 titles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Leo P. Kelley has published 34 books.

Leo P. Kelley does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Bannock's Brand, was published in March 1991.

The first book by Leo P. Kelley, Time, was published in January 1972.

Yes. Leo P. Kelley has 1 series.