Delan the Mislaid



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To the Walkers, Delan was a monstrosity, big and clumsy with odd growths sticking out of its back. Miserable among these, the only people it has ever known, Delan is willing enough to go with the Walker Teksan to his Lowlands home. But in the Lowlands, Delan soon learns what true misery is. For Teksan is a cruel master, a sorcerer who practices dark magic to keep Delan his slave.

Yet Delan discovers new hope when, aided by Eia the Aeyrie, it goes through a metamorphosis which transforms it into the beautiful, winged being it was always meant to be Delan the Silver Aeyrie. But even learning the truth of its heritage may not be enough to save Delan- and the entire Aeyrie race--from Teksan and his diabolical plans for conquest. To Teksan, the Aeyries, who control the world's technology and crafts, are a treasure to be plundered. And unless Delan can free itself from Teksan's controlling spell in time, the Silver Aeyrie may become the key to the ruin of its entire race....
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