Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World



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Children will be delighted by this newest addition to the highly-acclaimed Anholt�s Artists Books for Children series. This time, award-winning author and illustrator Laurence Anholt tells the charming story of Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World. When a little girl named Mariana is sent to have her portrait painted by Frida, she is scared. �Well, that�s okay,� Frida tells her. �Everyone feels scared sometimes. Now take my hand and let�s go inside.� Soon, Mariana meets all of Frida�s pets, from a handsome parrot and funny spider monkey to a little dog, baby deer, and beautiful eagle. Frida�s home is full of wonders, and her studio is brimming with strange but beautiful paintings. As Mariana sits for her portrait, she learns all about Frida�s life, and begins to think of her as the bravest woman in the world. Frida thinks Mariana is very special too�and she�s got a wonderful surprise in store for her! Once again, Laurence Anholt inspires children with this much-loved art history series, which has sold more than one million copies around the world. The story, enhanced with Anholt�s illustrations on every page, include several that are reproductions of Kahlo�s famous paintings.
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