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The criminal underworld knows him as Shaman. Ian Byron has spent the past few years amassing a fortune, becoming the premiere supplier of all the vices anyone could want. He controls a sizable chunk of the drug trade in North America – including the product moved by the Lean Dogs MC. Cool, and cruel, the untouchable Mr. Shaman doesn’t have a weakness.

Except for the man who started as a distraction, and who’s become the love of his life.

It’s Christmas in Knoxville, and old demons have come to call on Ian. The more he tries to push Alec away for his own safety, the more tightly he clings to their dissolving relationship. Ian’s about to learn that his boyfriend is just as stubborn as he is, and that he can always count on the Lean Dogs.

An all new, 27,000 word Christmas-themed novella for Dartmoor Series fans.
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