Prodigal Son



  • Contemporary

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Part Three of the four-part serial Lean Dogs Legacy finale:

With the team split up, Fox, Eden, and his father try to convince the rest of Project Emerald to cooperate with their efforts to bring down Pseudonym. And Raven leads an unlikely charge from the business side of their plan.

From Part One: Charlie Fox has a special role in the Lean Dogs MC, bouncing from chapter to chapter, doing the crazy, risky, deadly things the others can’t. Uncomplicated, unfeeling, unaffected…until now.

Fox’s ex, former MI5 agent Eden Adkins, does freelance PI work now, and she calls when her latest case turns up a familiar face: Fox’s father. Devin Green is in the kind of trouble it’s going to take all nine of his children to get him out of, all his dark secrets revealed along the way. Spies, secret agents, sketchy organizations, and resourceful Brits abound in book three of the Lean Dogs Legacy series.

**The fourth and final part of his serial novel will be out soon. Please keep in mind that no part stands on its own.
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