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    40 Books
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    September 1986
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    February 2006
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Multi-Author Series List


Buckskin Breed (1988)
Bounty Hunter's Moon (Jul-1989)
Night Rider's Moon (Jan-1991)
Gunslinger's Scalp (Mar-1992)
Six-Gun Shootout (Jan-1993)
Muzzle Blast (Jan-1994)
Bawdy House (Sep-1994)
Shotgun! (Jan-1995)
Cripple Creek Songbird (Nov-1995)
Six-Gun Justice (May-1996)
13 - Gunpoint (Sep-1986)
14 - Lever Action (Nov-1986)
15 - Scattergun (Jan-1987)
16 - Winchester Valley (Mar-1987)
17 - Gunsmoke Gorge (May-1987)
18 - Remington Ridge (Sep-2004)
19 - Shotgun Station (Oct-2004)
20 - Pistol Grip (Nov-2004)
21 - Peacemaker Pass (Dec-2004)
22 - Silver City Carbine (Jan-2005)
23 - California Crossfire (Mar-2005)
24 - Colt Crossing (1989)
25 - Powder Charge (1989)
26 - Laramie Showdown (Apr-1989)
27 - Double Action (Sep-1989)
28 - Apache Rifles (Mar-1990)
29 - Return Fire (Oct-1990)
30 - Rimfire Revenge (Jun-1991)
31 - Tombstone Ten Gauge ()
32 - Death Draw (Nov-2005)
33 - .52 Caliber Shoot-Out (Dec-2005)
34 - Trick Shooter (Nov-1992)
35 - Pistol Whipped (Feb-2006)
36 - Hogleg Hell (Jul-1993)
37 - Colt .45 Vengeance (Nov-1993)
38 - Derringer Danger (Mar-1994)
39 - Blazing Six-Guns (May-1994)
40 - Six Gun Kill (Jul-1994)
41 - Gold Town Gal (Nov-1994)
42 - Morgan's Squaw (Jul-1995)

Book List in Order: 40 titles

  • Morgan's plan to use a wagon load of buxom beauties to draw a band of desperadoes out of their hideout worked all too well. For out they come, guns blazing and determined to capture the ladies and leave Morgan's bones bleaching in the sun....

  • When a ruthless gang of Eastern carpetbaggers sets out to seize control of large parcels of Western lands, Lee Morgan joins forces with legendary gunfighter Tom Horn to stop the schemers and their hired guns. Reprint....

  • COLT CROSSING: When Lee Morgan agreed to help the Union Pacific railroad locate 800 missing land grant deeds, he didn't realize what he was getting himself into. But when a bomb found its way into his hotel room, he was forced to do some detective...

  • Hiding from two very determined bounty hunters in the small town of La Grange, Lee Morgan helps an eighty-five-year-old cattle baron gain control of the town for a steep price, while amusing himself with a sexy reporter named Charlene. Original....

  • When his ranch is burned down and his woman brutally murdered, Lee Morgan sets a clever trap, using the buxom beauties from the local cathouse, for the men responsible and makes them pay with their lives. Original....

  • Hired by the U.S. Army to track a band of renegade Chiricahua Apaches across the Arizona territory, Buckskin Lee Morgan finds his mission complicated by an encounter with a hot-blooded young Indian woman. Reissue....

  • Attempting to make some easy money, Buckskin Lee Morgan escorts a wealthy rancher's wife and daughter to their new Colorado home only to encounter vengeful Indians, dead bodies, and temptation at the hand of these buxom beauties. Reissue....

  • To prove his old friend's innocence in a counterfeiting scheme, buckskin Lee Morgan, tracing the phony money to a wild west show, goes undercover as an assistant to a buxom flame-haired sharpshooter who sets her sights on him. Original....

  • While helping a buxom brunette find her husband's killers, Buckskin Lee Morgan succumbs to the charms of a fiesty redheaded newspaper editor who holds the key to the location of the desperadoes he is searching for. Original....

  • The series that's got more gunplay than a day at the O.K. Corral and more horseplay than a night in a frontier cathouse now delivers a Giant Special Edition. Molly is the kind of trouble Bucksking Lee Morgan likes, especially when she makes him a dea...

  • When the wealthiest rancher in Jackson, Wyoming, is brutally murdered, Buckskin Lee Morgan must employ his "special" interrogation techniques when he has to question a tantalizing trio of suspects--the brazen widow, the fiery daughter, and the town h...

  • The streets of San Francisco always remind Buckskin Lee Morgan of fancy women. And an evening or two with the lovely ladies is exactly what he has in mind. But every gunslinger on the Barbary Coast seems to have drawn a bead on Morgan--and heads will...

  • MOTHER LODE A mining town would be trouble anywhere, but stuck among the proud pillars of a California mountain range, Bodie was busting out with bushwhackers, bandits, and bombers who wanted to blow up the local works. Buckskin Lee Morgan was off...

  • Pursuing a ruthless gang of cattle rustlers who are out to capture every steer in Miles City, Buckskin Lee Morgan has his hands full ferreting out every vicious outlaw--and seducing every young cowgirl in the territory. Original....

  • While investigating attacks on Idaho settlers, and amusing himself with a lusty lady, Buckskin Lee Morgan discovers that a group of cowboys are masquerading as renegade Indians to steal land. Original....

  • Traveling to the dangerous town of Cripple Creek, Colorado, a pampered millionaire's daughter finds herself at the mercy of outlaws, claim jumpers, and worse, until Buckskin Lee Morgan comes to the rescue. Original....

  • With a buxom beauty by his side, Morgan attempts to rid a the wild frontier of a land-hungry, blood-thirsty group of criminals that have a penchant for tormenting innocent people who stand in their way. Original....

  • When Morgan arrives in the town of Rifle, Colorado, he falls victim to a brazen beauty who gets him in hot water with a notorious gunman, while an enemy from his past gets too close for comfort. Original....

  • While succumbing to the charms of Mariellen, Morgan is offered a fortune in gold by her conniving uncle, Harrison Chapel, if he delivers a shipment of arms to Alaska, a job that pits Morgan against every renegade in the territory. Original....

  • When Lee Morgan signs on as head of security for Silver City Mining in Nevada, he finds himself embroiled in a tale of land-grabbers, independent miners, and a beautiful young woman named Megan O'Reily. Original....

  • While helping the Union Pacific railroad find eight hundred missing land grant deeds, Lee Morgan finds himself the target of a killer when a bomb ends up in his hotel room, forcing him into the arms of a very willing brunette and placing him at the m...

  • Buckskin Lee Morgan ends up foiling a volatile scheme by the citizens of Lafayette, Colorado, to earn fabulous wealth by keeping a promise to a dying woman to deliver a package to a mysterious Chinese man. Original....

  • Buckskin stumbles upon a whole new world of trouble when he arrives in San Diego and is immediately confronted by murderers, gunslingers, and claim jumpers, and once the smoke clears, he is only too happy to try his luck with the local ladies. Origin...

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    When he arrives in Tombstone, Arizona to bring home a wayward heiress, Lee Morgan discovers that she has won a cathouse from two gunmen, and needs help in protecting her property from those who are determined to reclaim it, a dangerous assigment that...

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Kit Dalton has published 40 books.

Kit Dalton does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Pistol Whipped, was published in February 2006.

The first book by Kit Dalton, Gunpoint, was published in September 1986.

No. Kit Dalton does not write books in series.