Angel's Fall



  • 18th Century
  • Georgian


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A vicar's daughter, Juliet Grafton-Moore is also the proprietress of Angel's Fall, a house where London's ladies of the night receive shelter from the past. It is an institution despised by distinguished peers and peasants alike, a place where the women learn by Juliet's pristine example -- and no men are allowed. But the rule is soundly broken when Juliet, suddenly besieged by an angry mob, is swept to safety by the dark-eyed, notorious Sabrehawk....

This sword-wielding legend, also known as the dashing Adam Slade, expects merely to fulfill a promise when he takes this spirited beauty under his wing. But upon seeing Juliet he is moved by her gentle blue eyes. Her golden curls, and her admirable will. A man who has fought the fiercest foes, Adam now finds his greatest challenge in protecting this Lady ... and resisting the unimagined heights of their growing passion...
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