A Very Vampy Christmas

Be Of Good Fear, Christmas Is Here!

And just in time comes this grand gift of seasonal mystery and romance from six of popular fiction's most supremely talented "Santas"-;for 'tis the season for scandals, suspense, and all sorts of unexpected surprises! Enjoy Lori Avocato's tale of the sexy fraud investigator and the delinquent dentist, and Dana Cameron's suspenseful story of a not-so-merry Christmas Eve at an English manor house. Savor Mary Daheim's scrumptious gathering of lively loved ones and one ghostly guest, and Cait London's blood-chilling tale of a menaced Christmas do-gooder. Suzanne Macpherson delights with a Yuletide fable about a perky, persistent spirit and her haunted ex-fiance. And take a walk with Kerrelyn Sparks on the otherworldly side to discover how the undead celebrate the holidays.
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