Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong
Savannah Levine, golden girl of the supernatural world, has nothing to lose and everything to prove....

At twenty-one, Savannah Levine -- orphaned daughter of a notorious dark witch and a cutthroat sorcerer -- is a motorcycle-riding jaw-dropper with a wide arsenal of spells at her fingertips. With her adoptive parents out of town, Savannah is left to run their detective agency . . . and is presented with a case she just can't turn down when a hot half-demon walks in with a murder mystery brimming with supernatural clues. The only problem is that no one thinks the once rebellious hell-raiser can handle things on her own. Savannah soon takes off for the remote town with plenty to prove, and finds herself caught up in a web of lust, false identities, and dark forces that will force her to fight like she never has before.
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  • Published:
    Jul-2010 (Hardcover)
    Apr-2011 (Paperback)
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    Print / eBook / Audio
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    18 & up
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CLIFFHANGER ENDING !!!!!!!!!!!! ARGUH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ! it was so intense, it was just almost there and then it hit the fan and .......the end.
Crispy Hell, I want to know what happens and I don't have the next book yet.
Savannah has grown up to be a big girl with big girl problems and a dark past that haunts her to this day. She gets her first case to solve on her own well kind of on her own men keep popping up. Her lust for Adam is still not going anywhere but her lust for another boy/man is a Detective from Dallas is heating up the look out. Then there is her new semi partner on this case and he's not so bad himself. Savannah does her best, she follows the leads and in this town it's not easy, small town police don't care for her much nor do several of the town folk. Things go from hassled to disastrous quickly, lives end and others are changed forever.
What a charged read this was I was totally cheering for Savannah. On the edge of my seat. i was not expecting to like this book at all, I've not liked her as a character before. I was wrong, she's good. Now if she'd just do what want her to do......
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