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Getting Lucky by Kayla Perrin
In just four short months, lucky -- in -- love Annalise is going to become a mother. But before she hits the delivery room, she's got one last piece of business to take care of: hooking up her single girlfriends with a pair of sexy brothers on a special weeklong getaway.

Lishelle and Claudia are more than ready for some no -- strings -- attached flings. And soon Lishelle and gorgeous, insatiable Kwame are setting the sheets on fire. Even back in Atlanta, the sex is amazing. So why is she still so bothered that her ex -- boyfriend -- the one she dumped -- is getting married?

Meanwhile, Claudia can't get enough of Rohan's expert toe -- curling, scream -- inducing moves. But introduce him to her high -- maintenance society friends? Puh -- lease. Sure, he's funny, smart and devoted -- but without movie -- star looks or a matching bank balance, he's hardly Claudia's ideal man. If that makes her a bitch, fine. She has an image to maintain.

But when tragedy strikes, it soon becomes apparent to the friends that they need to rethink what's truly important in life. Because while a hard man is good to find, it takes more than luck to keep him!
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