Silent Requiem



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Jace Liberty and the Order of the Faith crusade against Arcadia, seeking to wrest the Child of Light from the protection of Grand Arcanist Graeme and the other leaders of Arcadia. Unbeknownst to Liberty, however, Halcyon travels with Incindir to continue collecting the Orbs of Light.
And so two great nations go to war. Liberty, with the help of the Orb of Spirit, has managed to persuade the entire continent of Onturi to fight for his cause. The Order of the Faith outnumbers the forces of Arcadia by over five-to-one. Despite resisting against the Dommogin and Seamenders, it seems all but inevitable for Arcadia to fall in its third war.
The one thing that Liberty does not anticipate is that Arcadia does not stand alone. Champions like Kalic, the dragoon who cannot be cut down, and Raxxil the Volcano have chosen to defend Arcadia. But while Kalic only seeks to do what is right, Raxxil and the Skyward Hands have other plans--the Orb of Spirit.
Raxxil, Arwynn, Samantha, and Darius play their part in this war. Will it be enough to stem the tide, or will Jace Liberty and the Order of the Faith remake Ashkar in their image?
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