Wine Country



  • 19th Century
  • 1880's-1890's


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From the peaceful mountains of the Rockies to the Eastern windswept shores, there are small towns where gentle hearts can find a home--and where true love is always right around the corner .. .

On South Bass Island, Ohio, there were as many lonely girls as grapes on the vines. Tess Barrett would never be one of them, because she was engaged to marry Captain Peter Maxwell. Much older than Tess, Peter could be stern and disapproving. Tess tried to tease away Peter's gruffness, but in her heart, she felt something was missing. And when her father hired a new vinedresser, Tess began to know what Peter lacked. Not only handsome and rugged, Adam Nicholas was kind, gentle, and carefree. Adam treated Tess like a woman who was his equal--not a child who needed protection. Torn between duty and desire, Tess faced the most important choice of her lifetime .. .
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