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In the ancient land of Lemuria, dolphins, humans and mer-people learned to give one another love-light. Two Lemurian children, Lulu and Mono, became the best love-light instructors in Lemuria. Lulu loved to give speeches to adults. Mono enjoyed teaching children to live successful, happy lives. Next Lulu and Mono lived in the technologically advanced land of Atlantis. They had troubles with school but became highly respected for their creation of The Mystery School by the Sea. At the age of eighteen, Lulu and Mono abruptly left Atlantis because their lives were threatened. They spent years having extraordinary experiences and adventures in Tahiti, Peru, Tibet, India and Hawaii, where they taught people from many different cultures about love. An enormous explosion destroyed Atlantis. Lulu and Mono tended to the survivors and took charge of the re-creation of Atlantean society. They did so with the help of six gifted children.
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