Venus Connection

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Taurus -- Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and desire.

Layne Weston, a shy insecure Pisces, is confronted with an offer she can't refuse. Two men of her dreams -- sweet, golden Gabriel, a Cancer with an artistic flair, and dark, sensual Dillon, a charismatic and possessive Taurus. And they both want her in their lives…and their bed.

Already lovers and partners, Dillon and Gabriel have made it clear that Layne will share in every aspect of their relationship.

Ruled by their signs, Layne and Gabriel are gentle dreamers. It's Dillon who adds spice and fire to their relationship. A fire that's threatened when an old girlfriend reappears in Dillon's life.

Will Gabriel and Layne believe in the loyalty of their Taurean lover? Or will they lose their Venus connection?
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