The Orb of Fate

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The Orb of Atrios By Kate Steele Lealah Redmond is about to experience the adventure of a lifetime. With the help of a lightning strike, she's transported to the planet of Atrios...stark naked. Stuck up a tree fending off a wild animal, Lea looks down waaay down to meet the appreciative gaze of Darien Finn Mal, her new...husband? Darien Finn Mal can hardly believe this day has finally come. The woman Chosen by the Orb of Atrios as his perfect mate has finally appeared, in all of her abundant glory. Confident that all of his plans will fall into place, Darien can't wait to get his new wife home. Too bad Lea has made it her personal mission to prove that Earth girls are NOT easy. Chosen of the Orb By Kate Steele Lira Senn Var longs for a family and yet is realistic enough to know that she is not a woman who was made to tend a hearth and home. Talrion Finn Mal, High Chieftain of all the Clans of Atrios, has resisted taking a wife. After meeting and making love with Lira, Tal's reluctance begins to fade. He realizes that here, in this tall huntress, he may have found the woman of his dreams. His only problem is how to convince Lira?
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