Lucky Dog


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My name is Alex Layton and I’m a soul familiar. What’s that, you ask? Well, as you might already know, having a familiar is the icing on the cake for a magic practitioner. A familiar enhances their power and gives them the ability to work spells they might otherwise find beyond their reach. Having a soul familiar as a partner goes way beyond cake, baby. We work with our partner and bond with them heart, mind, body, and soul. It’s a true joining imbued with love and magic.

All that aside, I’m about to tell you a little story of how Tyler Montgomery, an untrained wizard, summons me to help him with a small problem. It seems Tyler’s had a spell cast on him. It prevents him from getting close to anyone in any way for any reason -- including sex.

Fortunately for Tyler, I find myself very eager to help him. Of course it doesn’t hurt one bit that he’s a sweet and sexy virgin. I’ve had over two hundred years of magical and bedroom experience. I’m the perfect guy to break this spell and if I help myself to a taste of Tyler, well, where’s the harm in that? Hmm?
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