Amended Soul


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Jamie Hardin has had his fair share of ups and downs. He's been widowed once and divorced once--with extreme prejudice. Due to the machinations of his ex-wife, Jamie's son Rio ran away at sixteen. Two years later, Jamie has the chance to reconnect with Rio and so he moves himself and his five-year-old adopted son to a new town in a new state to start over. The welcome he receives from Rio is everything Jamie had wanted; what he wasn't prepared for was Jed Matranga. From the moment they meet, a simple handshake is all it takes to light a fire Jamie has no idea how to handle.

Jed Matranga, single werewolf, has just met his mate. In addition to being gentle, caring and clever, Jamie's emotionally wounded. He's also not gay. For Jed it will be the challenge of a lifetime to prove to Jamie that trusting his own judgment is the right thing to do, and where relationships are concerned, it's feelings and not gender that matters.
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