A Heart Concealed


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A hidden secret, a heart concealed.

Rafe Kutter is cursed...or so he believes. His ability to shape-shift into a bear brings isolation and the determination to never pass the curse to a child of his own. When Lindy Timberlane enters his life, that resolve is sorely tested. Lindy's kindhearted and passionate nature, not to mention her voluptuous body, ignites a blaze not only in Rafe's body but his heart as well. He wants what he can't have. Or can he?

To Lindy Timberlane, Rafe Kutter is a combination of gorgeous hunk and obnoxious grouch...at least at first. Close proximity brings with it an understanding that beneath the gruff exterior is a genuinely nice and sinfully sexy man who's carrying a painful burden. When Lindy learns Rafe's secret she's determined to help. She'll risk her heart to keep this very human and vulnerable man from condemning himself to a life without love.

Note: This story was previously released by another publisher under the title Hidden Heart.
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