Death Rides an Ill Wind ~~ Kate Grilley

Death Rides an Ill Wind by Kate Grilley
St. Chris was unbearably hot. There were no tourists, businesses were suffering, and it was the tropical storm season to boot. Then a pair of bad news beauties arrived. One was Leila Mae Turner -- the Southern belle bimbo who broke up my marriage. The other was Gilda -- a hurricane who could break up my house. That's when things started getting stickier than the weather....

When Gilda hit town, believe me, everybody knew it. She tore up the island a good bit, caused some heavy damage, and left without so much as an apology. She also left the dead body of a local homeless woman floating in the bay -- which is where all the fun began. Because something wasn't quite right about the way she died, and the more I found out, the less a very unpleasant somebody wanted me to know. Now, I have one chance to figure out who the murderer is before they make sure I get blown out to sea without a sail....
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