Sexy Beast IV



  • Contemporary


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They are men with a fierce, feral power and a sensuality that seduces all who come near. No woman can resist their primal urges for wild and wanton sex...

"Chanku Destiny" by Kate Douglas

Mystical and sensual shapeshifters, the Chanku welcome newcomers Adam and Eve to their forgotten legacy. Together with Oliver the three will revel in a sexual exploration like no other...

"Abundance" by Deanna Lee

For nearly 35 years Jude Aroca and his people have been free from human contact. Now, a human female has arrived on their small jungle moon arousing the feline beast inside of Jude with the exotic smell of her sex...

"Passion of the Cat" by Dawn Thompson

Captain Lyle Clarridge can never forget his erotic interlude in the Hindu Kush when the seductive Ihita healed him from a snow leopard attack. For with every full moon the creature within him awakens seeking the ultimate in sexual surrender...
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