Lessons Learned



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Learning to trust in love is the most important lesson of all...Two royal siblings. Two regular Americans. When love comes to Laurivenia, no heart is safe. Lessons in Love - Hungry for adventure, Brynn takes a teaching job in a foreign country. But on arrival she discovers she's the new royal nanny instead. Prince Alex is tired of women feigning interest in his daughter to get close to him. So if he fudged the details of the job to protect his child, who can blame him? His plans unravel the moment Brynn appears. Beautiful and free spirited, shes nothing like the nanny he expected. Sparks fly between them, but when the paparazzi discover their affair, all bets are off. Can the prince and the nanny find common ground? Lessons in Trust - Princess Lucia's new bodyguard refuses to play by the rules. His insistence on shadowing her 24/7 is cramping her style. He needs to go before the sparks between them get too hot. Eric would be happy to be done with this job. The sinfully sexy princess is a royal pain. But he won't leave until the threat against her is neutralized. Eric spirits her away to a safe house where passion ignites, leaving them shaken. They must work together before Lucias safetyand their connectionare lost forever.
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