Something About Cecily



  • Contemporary


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How do you solve a problem like...Cecily?

When Cecily Scatterton literally falls into Chas Buchanan's lap, he thinks his problems are over -- or have they just begun? He desperately needs someone to fill in for his vacationing secretary, Cecy's as good at causing chaos in his well-ordered life as she is typing. Yet there's just something about her that pulls at his heart. Is it her surprising sweetness, or her stubborn pride? Or maybe the non-stop fantasies that make it so hard to keep his mind on business...

Though Chas Buchanan is tall dark, and handsome, he's also much too bossy and buttoned-down. Cecy doesn't need his help getting back on her feet -- well, maybe just a little -- but he clearly does need hers. Why, he even organizes his "spontaneous" time! Something about him just gives her an uncontrollable urge to shake up his life -- and if she can't do it, no one can!
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