Cupid's Kiss



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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A Love Immortal

Psyche Hathaway had been courted by many a gentleman--and accepted none of them, to her mother's unceasing dismay. Lady Hathaway treasured her daughter and trusted her judgment ... but just how choosy could a flaming redhead, nearing her twentieth year, afford to be?

Somehow, though, the bachelors of the ton could never quite fulfill the longing in Psyche's heart ... nor guess the secret she kept hidden there. For, since her childhood, Psyche had shared a special friendship with a man known to society as Harry D'Amant--and to Psyche as Eros, the god of love!

Of course, their delightful acquaintance must remain just that, especially since Harry already has a pressing romantic entanglement of his own. So Psyche is determined to set her sights on more practical, earthly matters, like finding a suitable husband. Until a surprising development reveals that love can come in unexpected forms--and that even a Greek god can be rendered helpless by its power....
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