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    December 2000
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    October 2023
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  • “I've been craving the road for some time,” writes Justin Fox " odd words for this most seasoned of travel writers. But there is more to it: “Restless, anxious about an uneventful slide into my late 30s ...” And thus begins ten thousand...

  • “An engagingly romantic, fast-paced tale of sailing-ship adventures off the myth-laden East African coast, with plenty of sex and action, plus a serious revisionist message regarding modern-day Somali piracy.” " JM Coetzee South African scrip...

  • In 1973 at the age of 6, Justin Fox went on a Grand Tour of Europe with his parents - from Cape Town to London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Rome and the Greek Islands. This is his story of the magic of travel, the experience of other placed and people - a...

  • Place is a moving love letter to South Africa, merging literature and land­scape, and taking the reader on a breath-taking journey " into the heart of South Africa’s spectacular landscape and the inner-worlds of its most cel­ebrated authors....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Justin Fox has published 5 books.

Justin Fox does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Place, was published in October 2023.

The first book by Justin Fox, Closer to perfect, was published in December 2000.

No. Justin Fox does not write books in series.