Michael Moorcock's Elric: Stormbringer Deluxe Edition
  • Published:
    Sep-2019 (Hardcover)
    Sep-23-2019 (Release)
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The thrilling second volume of Julien Blondel's comic adaptation of the classic Elric of Melniboné novels by award-winning author Michael Moorcock sees the albino emperor finding his famous enchanted sword: Stormbringer. Presented in a brand new Deluxe Edition that's essential for Elric fans.

When his people are mercilessly massacred, Elric, the albino former Emperor of the ancient island of Melniboné is cast out into the world. However, fate brings him into the possession of Stormbringer - the fabled, bloodthirsty demon-sword that will sustain him and dominate his destiny.

Elric Vol. 2: Stormbringer is the second instalment of the stunning graphic novel adaptations of Michael Moorcock's most famous work, Elric of Melniboné.
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