• Contemporary


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Lily Carlyle had always lived on the edge. But after she died while avenging her younger sister, she came back to life as someone else -- and was recruited as an assassin for the light.

At least that's what she thought...

Lily is in trouble of the deepest kind. Having been tricked by the forces of evil, she killed what she believed were "demons" at will. Now she knows better, and with a little help from half angel, half demon Deacon Camphire, she must try to take down the bad guys from within as a double agent.

Far easier said than done. The dark ones neither trust nor need Lily anymore. So to prove her loyalty, she'll have to lie, betray, and maybe even continue to kill the innocent. She thinks she can do all that -- but when she's asked to work with the one demon she most despises, she may be willing to lose her soul to end his existence...
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