The Gorgon's Gaze



  • Contemporary


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THE GORGON'S GAZE is the second book in The Companions Quartet by Nestle Prize-winning author Julia Golding. Connie Lionheart's great-aunt and uncle try to take her away from the reach of the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures. What they don't realize is that Connie is the Society's most important member -- she is the only universal companion, able to bond with all of the mythical creatures hidden in our world. Connie's great gift also puts her in great danger, as the evil shape-shifter Kullervo needs her power to destroy the Society, once and for all. But how can Connie save the Society, and herself, when she doesn't know how to use her power? Connie and her friends team together again to protect the fragile bond between humans and creatures against dangerous, deceptive forces -- from Col's manipulative mother to a gorgon whose looks can kill to Kullervo's quest to seize Connie in his clutches forever.
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