A Breath of Heat


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Heat - A Midsummer Night's Heat By Judy Mays Third story in the Heat series. Belle can finally take a vacation. Her father Artemis is happily married again, and more than capable of managing the family business without her for a few weeks. Alex may be Alpha of his Pack, but he lost the woman he expected to marry to another werewolf. One whose werewolf father had mated a real wolf, then taught their cubs to assume human form. Abomination! When Belle finds Alex in the woods, bleeding from a gunshot wound, she takes him to her cabin—and her bed—and nurses him back to health. But what will Alex do when he discovers the woman he's falling in love with is a sister to the man he hates most, a woman who had a wolf for a mother? Heat - Solstice Heat By Judy Mays Book 4 in the Heat series. Eileen, Eileen, Eileen. Her name pounded through Garth's veins as he ran towards her cabin. Years ago, her parents had torn her from his arms, spirited her away in the dead of night, and disappeared. Now, he'd found her again. All these years, he'd never forgotten her sure that he'd find her again. Soon she'd be in his arms again. Eileen was speechless. Garth stood in front of her. The Were she'd loved and mated so many years ago had found her. She should be ecstatic! However, her parents had coerced her into mating another. True, after he'd abused her, she'd repudiated and left him, but in her mind she'd betrayed Garth's love. He wouldn't want her now. Love would triumph over misunderstanding and feelings of betrayal. Once mated, the bond shared by male and female werewolves was unbreakable. Garth and Eileen could be happy again. But, Eileen's violent mate wanted her back. And—the CIA is hunting Garth.
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