Judy was born and brought up in the rolling countryside of Cheshire, about 10 miles from Manchester. As a child she loved sports—and writing! On an exchange scholarship to an American high school, she started writing for the school magazine, but it wasn't until many years later that she decided to try her hand at medical romances.

Until then life had seemed too busy to settle down to writing a novel—bringing up three children, teaching in a primary school, and later helping to run a small family business all meant that, for her, writing was something she "always meant to do" but never actually got down to! The dream to write for Mills & Boon seemed just that—a dream. Once the children had left home, however, the urge to write became paramount—she was on her way!

She'd always had an interest in all things medical, and decided the next best thing to being a doctor or nurse herself was writing about them—and their lives and loves! Success did not come at once, but after several failed attempts the great day came when her first novel was accepted, and the encouragement that gave her spurred her on to start writing full-time for Mills & Boon.

She sets her stories in all her favorite places—Scotland, Italy, America, and, of course, the English countryside. That's the wonderful thing about the imagination—it can take you anywhere! Each new story she writes gives her a special thrill as she gets to "know" her characters and goes on a journey with them and her readers.

When she's not writing, Judy loves walking and playing golf in the Highlands of Scotland—and meeting up with her special writing friends for gossipy lunches and encouragement.

Book List in Order: 18 titles