The Conquest by Jude Deveraux
Lovely 17-year-old Zared Peregrine is the pride of her family, a treasure her rough-hewn brothers, Rogan and Severn, will strive at any cost to protect from their ancient enemies, the Howards. The Peregrines have suffered loss enough in this blood feud --- their mother, father, four other brothers, and very nearly Liana, Rogan's wife. Fearing they may lose their beloved little sister as well, Rogan and Severn train Zared in the arts of war and dress her in boys' clothing --- but refuse to allow her to venture outside their fortress alone. So no one knows that they youngest Peregrine is a girl.

Yet when the magnificent knight Tearle Howard returns from a lengthy sojourn in France, it takes him but a glance to realize that Zared is most definitely female --- and beautiful. Handsome, dark-eyed Tearle knows he wants Zared from the moment he sees her. And Zared, foolishly, makes his conquest simple: a girl raised with a sword in her hand is not easily sequestered behind castle walls. So as the enmity between their families rages on, Tearle mounts a bold campaign to win the ravishing spitfire's heart --- and save her from the dark feud that threatens Zared's life.
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So, the series was great, but I was under the impression that there would be a third book in this series. When I first picked up The Taming, I read the back, and it said "The first installment of an exciting medieval trilogy." TRILOGY! I have yet to see this third book come out. These books are rather old, are they not? So where the heck is my third and last book to read, to make this series complete?!
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