Ole Devil at San Jacinto



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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In 1835 the oppression of Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had driven the colonist in Texas to rebellion. Major Gneral Sam Houston, realizeing that his small force could only hoep to face the vast Mexican army when conditions were favourable had ordered a tactical withdrawl to the east. At last on Thrusday, April 21st 1836 Houston decided that time had come to make a stand. The Mexican Army, fifteen hundred strong, was on the banks of the San Jacinto river: Houston, with half that number launced the attack that would decide the future of Texas. Among those who had supported Houston from the beginning and were now ready to lay down their lives in the desperate stuffle for independence was a youn mand named Jackson Baines Hardin. Those who knew him claimed he was a 'li'l ole devil for a fight.' The Battle of San Jacinto gave him yet another chance to prove it.
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