Mississippi Raiders



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Belle Boyd came from a family of eight sisters and though he loved them deeply, her father had always wanted a son.  With her riding ability and her quick shot, Belle was the closest he would come.  On a fateful day, Belle would have to say goodbye to her past and attempt to lead her region to victory.

The Yankees stormed the Boyd farm and quickly killed Belle's mother and father.  Belle quickly drew her father's sword and savagely attacked the group of men.  Her skill and agility impressed and terrified them and they fled.  Now, she'll do anything to avenge the death of her parents, even if it means going deep into enemy territory.

Initial attempts to join the Rebels come to naught, but Belle presses on, seeking information and training herself for battle until she is taken in by the Rebel Army for a most dangerous assignment - to infiltrate and spy on the Yankees.

This is the story of Belle Boyd and how she became a Rebel spy.  This is the start of her legend.
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