My Rebel Son



  • Contemporary

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Marta is beautiful and wayward: Ann, quiet and reserved. Both are in love with the handsome and bitter Ken. Yet Ann knows he loves Marta. The war intervenes and Ken is taken prisoner in Germany. He eventually returns, dreaming of the new world he will help to create, only to find his love dead. But Marta had left him a son - David.
Now, all Ken's dreams are for David. His son is to have everything he had been denied: love, money, education, even a stepmother - Ann, who dares to hope that Ken will forget Marta.
But Ken doesn't forget, and David grows up not wanting the things his father had planned for him. Ken, increasingly unhappy, puzzled by the youth of the swinging sixties, begins to see another woman. The new woman in his life is Ann's sister, Sybil.
Sybil had always overshadowed her sister, Ann. She had always taken what she wanted from life. And now she wants her sister's husband.
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