Book List in Order: 3 titles

  • Scrappy Claudette sets out once again with her pal Marie and her little brother Gaston to right wrongs and fight evil. And this time, it's personal. Claudette is out to get the dragon who ate her father's legs...and his legendary sword. But as usual,...

  • Make way for Claudette the giant slayer in this delightful, fantastical adventure! Claudette's fondest wish is to slay a giant. But her village is so safe and quiet! What's a future giant slayer to do? With her best friend Marie (an aspiring pr...

  • Meet the okapis. These adorable creatures live in trees in the rainforest.... but their home is being destroyed as the trees are chopped down. Diego comes to the rescue and builds a nature preserve for the okapis. This story is based on a special epi...

Complete Series List in Order

Chronicles of Claudette

1) Giants Beware! (Apr-2012)
2) Dragons Beware! (May-2015)

Multi-Author Series List

Dora the Explorer

Trees for the Okapis (Mar-2010)

Go, Diego, Go! (8x8)

13) Trees for the Okapis (Mar-2010)

Award-Winning Books by Jorge Aguirre

Giants Beware!
2012 Cybils -- Graphic Novel Elem/Mid
2015 Kentucky Bluegrass Award -- Grades 3-5