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    18 Books (1 Series)
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    January 1977
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    October 2009
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Full Series List in Order

A Staggerford Novel

Staggerford (Jul-1977)
The Staggerford Flood (Sep-2002)
The Staggerford Murders (Dec-2004)
The New Woman (Dec-2005)

Book List in Order: 18 titles

  • "A writer good enough to restore your faith in fiction."
    It is only a week in the life of a 35-year old bachelor school teacher in a small Minnesota town. But it is an extraodinary week, filled with the poetry of living, the ...

  • "Hassler's characters have old-fashioned values and typical human failings; they make this a novel to restore your faith in humanity."
    Agatha McGee is following a dream, though it might be late in the game. She's just retired ...

  • "A marvel. Out of Old Age, which our peculiar times have determined to view as a sort of generational sin, Jon Hassler has drawn forth a poignant, funny, wise novel about Eternal Youth."
    Simon Shea, a retired professo...

  • Twelve-year old Brendan tells the story, set in 1944-45, that begins with his parents' decision to buy a run-down grocery store in a tiny Minnesota town. What they discover about small town idealism, bigotry, and good old American values will change ...

  • He was an eyewitness to a crime that his best friend committed. . . . 

    “It all started the day school ended”

    That was when my English teacher decided not to flunk me -- if I wrote a long story during my summer vacation. My name’s...

  • "Hassler's brilliance has always been his ability to achieve the depth of real literature through such sure-handed, no-gimmicks, honest language that the result appears effortless."
    After more than twenty years in...

  • When St. Isidore's Elementary in Staggerford, Minnesota is closed, Miss Agatha McGee, who has taught there her whole life, is thrown back on her friends to sustain her. She finds her friends wanting. Fleeing unhappiness at home, Agatha sets off on a ...

  • "UNFORGETTABLE . . . Hassler has skillfully encapsulated an entire world of humanity and emotion in one tiny town in northern Minnesota."
    --San Diego Union-Tribune
    Rookery State College in the late 1960s is an academic backwater if ever there w...

  • Leland Edwards, a piano-playing fisherman and English professor, has become dean of Rookery State College in Minnesota. With this title comes the daunting task of saving his beloved campus from diminished enrollment, hockey thuggery, and its ignoble ...

  • Jon's story is about a man named Jay who has come rather late to his midlife crisis. Nearing fifty, Jay finds himself dislocated by a divorce and by his only child's attempted suicide. Seeking stability, he has taken a temporary teaching position at ...

  • In The Staggerford Flood, Jon Hassler brings back Agatha McGee and reunites other favorite characters from his award-winning Staggerford novels. When a flood hits Staggerford and neighboring towns, Agatha McGee's house on the highest hill in town bec...

  • Filled with his trademark humor and warmth, Jon Hassler’s The Staggerford Murders and The Life and Death of Nancy Clancy’s Nephew offer a welcome return to the town that has captivated readers for years.

    In The Staggerford Murders, residen...

  • Since 1977, Jon Hassler’s Staggerford series has entranced readers with its funny and charming depiction of life in small-town America. The New Woman is his latest visit to this Minnesota hamlet.

    At the age of eighty-eight, Agatha McGee has grudg...

  • From Publishers WeeklyThese seven gentle tales set in Minnesota and North Dakota and all written during the 1970s treat fans of novelist Hassler (A Green Journey; Jemmy) to the earliest fruits of his talent. Some are folksy portraits of small-town ch...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jon Hassler has published 18 books.

Jon Hassler does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Keepsakes & Other Stories, was published in October 2009.

The first book by Jon Hassler, Four Miles to Pin, was published in January 1977.

Yes. Jon Hassler has 1 series.