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While the world recovers from the near apocalypse from the asteroid, Yama, Vaughn continues to live his life as normally as possible. But for the Empowered, such things might never be possible. When an old enemy warns Vaughn to stay out of Chicago, he finds that he has no choice but to go. There he finds that a shadow lies over the city, a darkness touching the souls of every man, woman, and child within its reach. But there are worse things than just one city under threat. Vaughn quickly finds himself fighting against the destruction of the Empowered, even as they come to terms with their new existence. It is a threat, which swirls around a young woman named Rodina, once a follower of Yasmine, the telepathic terrorist. To stop both the danger to Chicago and the Empowered, Vaughn must make alliances with enemies and friends both. Most important of all, he must come to terms with the powerful Rodina before everything is lost. (Book Two in The Age of Power Series)
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