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An electrifying and chillingly plausible thriller of a terrorist conspiracy that stretches from the deserts of Libya to the door of the Oval Office.
"Friday afternoon traffic on the Bay Bridge is at its peak. Tollbooths are backed up for at least half a mile as families anxious to escape the heat of the city try to get a head start on the weekend and those whose occupations carried them out of town during the week head home. Everyone is glad that the weekend is here. Ali and Yasin were ready. They had been trained in the best terrorist camp in the Islam world. To begin their final journey, both men were bathed and dressed in fresh clean white linen robes, as was the custom of those who were about to die, hidden under jeans and t-shirts to avoid detection."
With a deft hand, sharp eye, and a keen insider knowledge of the advanced defense systems that protect the American way of life, bestselling author John R Hanny weaves a gripping story of conspiracy and betrayal. Blood is spilled, battles are lost and won against the forces of greed and religious extremism, and as American heroes race against the clock to protect the country they love, Hanny forces his readers to confront the true nature of the dire threats facing America today. Just when you think you finally have a second to breathe, he dares to ask the most frightening question of all: How would the United States respond to a nuclear attack on the Homeland?
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