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It's the year 2020. The civilized world has continued to lose ground on its war against terrorism as law-abiding citizens experience an accelerating diminution of personal freedom.

Since the turn of the century, our planet has teetered on that fine edge between humanity and hatred. No individual, no religious group, no society, nor nation state has been immune to the heinous carnage. The events of September 11, 2001 shocked the world to its core...that was just the beginning. Headlines, July 15, 2016 indicated: “2016 already marred by nearly daily terror attacks”

During the latter half of the decade (2016-2019), terrorist activity in the US quadrupled. Approximately seventy percent of domestic terrorist attacks were committed by homegrown radicalized terrorists who lived and/or were born in the country. That new brand of terrorism was likely to have been perpetrated by a neighbor, a school mate, a co-worker, a commercial airline pilot, an air traffic controller, a law enforcement professional, a school bus driver, a sibling, or even a parent...
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