Captive Bride



  • 19th Century
  • 1880's-1890's
  • Victorian


  • Cairo, Egypt / London, England


  • Lord Philip Caxton "Abu" (Hero)
  • Lady Christina Wakefield (Heroine)


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She knew no master until a desert sheik claimed her heart.

Desert Stars

On a night made for love, there was only terror for beautiful Lady Christina Wakefield. She who had recklessly followed her brother from London to Cairo on a whim was now made prisoner by an unknown abductor who carried her off to his hidden encampment.

Soon she would share his bed, know his touch, growing ever closer to the man who owned her as a slave.

And soon she would learn to want him as he wanted her--to share his soul, his being--her body aching to be his alone in the trembling ecstasy of everlasting rapture.

Shifting Sands
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