Romance, Inc.



  • Contemporary


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In one unexpected turn of fate everything changed. Her Marriage. Her Future. Her Heart.

Caroline Shaw had been a poor rag doll of a girl in golden Palm Beach, Florida. But her dreams were rich, formed by her wide-eyed visits to her mother's place of employment -- The Breakers, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

When Caroline grew up beautiful and became an assistant in a posh Palm Beach boutique, she met college student James Goddard, heir to a great American brokerage house. Love came swiftly, a bond so innocent and so complete that neither wanted to live without the other despite his family's angry disapproval. But in one tragic moment everything changed. Caroline was alone, penniless, pregnant... and determined to rise to the top of this city if polo, diamonds, and champagne. Now she would create Romance, Inc., it would be a dream come true - until forces from the past made it a nightmare, threatening her happiness, her son, and her chance to love again.
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