The English Bride aka Royal Bride



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Note: This book is an updated version of the author's novel Royal Bride.

One of the last acts performed by the post-Waterloo Congress of Vienna is the granting to Jura the status of a free and independent state. To safeguard against domination by its giant neighbor, Austria, Prince Augustus allies himself to Britain by taking an English wife. That wife was supposed to be the eldest granddaughter of Princess Mariana, but when she runs away with someone else, the youngest daughter, Charity, is pressed into service as a substitute. />Charity has always hero-worshipped Gus, who has spent the last ten years leading guerilla fighters against Napoleon's troops, but she is not prepared for the responsibility of her new position. The novel is about the growing love between Charity and Gus as together they encounter political intrigues and dangerous plots against Jura and the rule of Prince Augustus.
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