The Rancher and the Runaway Bride

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With three bossy, overprotective brothers looking over her shoulder, Tate Whitelaw was finding it impossible to become a woman. They still thought of her as a pigtailed little girl. So Tate hightailed it off the homestead--right into the manly arms of Adam Philips. She'd show everyone just how grown-up she was!

The last thing that hardened rancher Adam Philips was looking for was a damsel in distress. He'd had enough of stray women! But his protective urges overrode his instincts to run. Soon he was comforting Tate in his arms ...and his bed. And when her brawny brothers came a-calling with shotguns in hand, getting hitched suddenly seemed like a darned good idea.

HAWK'S WAY--where the Whitelaws of Texas run free till passion brands their hearts.
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