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    January 1969
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    January 2021
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Joan Grant (1907-89) came to fame in 1937 as the author of Winged Pharaoh, a historical novel set in ancient Egypt. ‘I have been enthralled by the book as by nothing I have read for years’ said London’s Sunday Times and it soon leapt into the best seller lists in countries round the world. Admired for its vivid recreation of a civilisation in many ways wiser than ours, it inspired readers with the ideals and values of its young heroine Sekeeta. Seven more novels followed as well as two collections of stories for children.

It was only on publication of her autobiography in 1956, that Joan Grant publicly revealed that ‘during the last twenty years, seven books of mine have been published as historical novels which to me are biographies of previous lives I have known.’ In her later years Joan Grant practised what is now known as ‘past life regression therapy’ with her husband Dr Denys Kelsey and together they wrote Many Lifetimes about their experiences and ideas.

Full Series List in Order

Far Memory

3 - Eyes of Horus ()
7 - So Moses Was Born ()

Book List in Order: 14 titles

  • Ra-ab Hotep, the youthful hero of Eyes of Horus, is twenty-one when this novel opens. His father has just abdicated in his favor and he is now the Nomarch of the Oryx. Over Egypt there is a dark tyranny and the Watchers of the Horizon, under the lead...

  • Piyanah, the heroine of Scarlet Feather, is a member of a Native American tribe that has strayed from its noble heritage. Her clairvoyant mother refuses to accept the brutality of the tribe's laws and the segregation of men from women, so Piyanah and...

  • The second of Joan Grant's "Far Memory" novels, Life as Carola gives a fascinating glimpse into life in Italy just before the advent of the Renaissance. Through Carola's eyes, we see the beginnings of modern theater, and the tremendous extremes betwe...

  • The sixth of Joan Grant's "Far Memory" novels, Return to Elysium is set in the second century BC among the islands of Ancient Greece as well as in Rome before its rise to imperial power. Lucina of Greece was orphaned at a young age and brought up by ...

  • Cat and Fish, the most unlikely of friends, introduce each other to their very different worlds, which leads to trouble and forces them to find a way to celebrate their differences and remain friends....

  • Endlessly curious about where the waves roam, two unlikely friends, Cat and Fish, head out to sea on a wild adventure to a tropical island to learn more about the world where they meet an ensemble of colorful creatures along the way who help them com...

  • A young African boy named Miobi is frightened of the creatures that lurk outside his village. But after meeting a magical hare, he decides to tackle his fears head-on. When he climbs a mountain to defeat the monster that is terrorizing a distant vill...

  • During the last twenty years, seven books of mine have been published as historical novels which to me are biographies of previous lives I have known. Far Memory is the autobiography of my first thirty years in the twentieth century. From early chil...

  • If you and your little one love animals then you will love this animal alphabet book.In this beautifully illustrated picture book, children will have a fun time reading about animals and their babies, while learning the alphabet.With colorful and ado...

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    Sekeeta is the daughter of Pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Because she demonstrates psychic abilities, she is sent to the temple, where she is trained to recall past lives, remember her dreams, and much more. Upon the death of her father, she becomes a "wi...

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    The third of Joan Grant's "Far Memory" novels, Eyes of Horus, set in Egypt at the close of the dark XIth Dynasty, is a profound commentary on the power of fear and the unlimited ability of light to shatter it. Eyes of Horus is the story, told in the ...

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    The story of an American heiress who meets a Scottish laird in a crumbling French chateau turns from high romance to ghost story as the courageous Marylda uses her 'second sight' to unravel the mysteries of Castle Cloud. Traveling alone to France ...

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    The seventh of Joan Grant's "Far Memory" novels, So Moses Was Born is set in Egypt, in the time just before the birth of Moses. The story of Moses is a familiar one: found in the bull rushes, Moses' upbringing in the court of Egypt gave him the influ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Joan Grant has published 14 books.

Joan Grant does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Little Liam's Alphabet Book, was published in January 2021.

The first book by Joan Grant, Lord of the Horizon, was published in January 1969.

Yes. Joan Grant has 1 series.